Best Smart Locks For Rental Property in 2023

by Emily Zee | Last Updated on: April 27th, 2023 at 9:58 am

Best smart locks for rental property are a great way to secure a property, as well as personal property. Smart locks are a more convenient and secure option than traditional locks, but you’ll have to learn how to use them correctly. As well as having to learn the proper use of smart locks, you’ll also have to learn about their different types, and the best ones for your specific needs and purposes.

When you rent a property, you need a lock that is reliable and secure. You also want to make sure your property is well-protected from would-be thieves if it is of no use. As we look toward the next decade, this will be even more important as the concept of smart locks becomes more common. Smart locks are locks that are smart and make use of digital technology such as biometric sensors, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Smart locks are an exciting new trend that is sure to change the way we use the property.

You can even ‘rent’ your smart lock to secure your home or office. This technology seems so simple, but having one installed on your property is as though you’ve purchased a very expensive home security system. And, although there are many security options available out there, here are the top 10 best smart locks for a rental property in 2023.


Level Lock Smart Lock - Touch Edition, Keyless Entry Using Touch

Level Lock Smart Lock – Touch Edition, Keyless Entry Using Touch

This smart level lock is truly a convenient alternative to traditional keys and keys-on-a-chain.

The lock includes an integrated digital display that is always visible, so you can see at a glance whether your door is locked or unlocked. It also keeps track of the number of times you unlock your door, making it easier to remember all of your access codes and eliminating the possibility of one code being used twice. The lock also automatically locks after no activity for 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it open for too long. Features:

Compatible with all existing Schlage locksets, including Bluetooth-enabled locksets.- Keyless entry via touch screen.- Comes with free iOS and Android smartphone apps. – Z-wave compatible devices that can be controlled by other Z-wave devices.- This device has been tested and verified to work properly with.


Sifely Smart Lock, Smart Lock Front Door, Keyless Entry Door Lock

Sifely Smart Lock, Smart Lock Front Door, Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Sifely Keyless Door Lock is a beautiful, all-weather exterior door lock for rental properties, condos, and apartments. It is made with the latest anti-jamming technology and has a sleek look to match any modern home.

The sleek design is waterproof and can withstand both extreme heat and cold without any problems. It is compatible with the most popular wireless security systems on the market, such as Gen 3 Yale and Kwikset Kevo. This product works seamlessly with existing deadbolt locks, so it is a great investment that can be easily connected to your existing system.

There is also no need to add any additional hardware to your home as this product is self-contained. The stylish and attractive design of this product makes it an ideal choice for any home as it will not detract from the overall design of your property. If you are looking for a new lock to protect your property and belongings from unwanted guests, then you should consider this product as it can be installed on both. Here are some best locks for bedroom doors in 2023.


Kwikset 99380-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry Electronic Keypad

Kwikset 99380-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry Electronic Keypad

Kwikset Halo smart lock system uses the Z-Wave protocol to communicate with the Kwikset Smart Bridge, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

The Kwikset Smart Bridge allows you to access any of your other Kwikset products through its App on your smartphone using a separate QR code. This authentication feature also allows you to use the App to remotely view real-time access activity or lock/unlock your door via the App without requiring a physical key.

Features: – Password protected touchscreen for easy one-time entry – Graphical user interface (memorizes user settings) – Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) technology – Customizable auto-lock timer – New front-facing digital display – User adjustable motion. Here are some best outdoor keyless gate Locks in 2023.

Best smart door lock 2023


SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with alarm

SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with alarm

The Schlage BE469ZP is a smart-home control deadbolt. It’s the perfect smart lock for any front door.

Schedule it to automatically lock and unlock at specific times of the day. The smart lock can be keypad-enabled, providing a more convenient way to open and lock your door than with a traditional key. The install process is simple, allowing you to finish in only 30 minutes. A built-in proximity sensor that glows when it hears noise or movement helps deter unwanted visitors in and out of your home while keeping your family safe at night.

The Schlage BE469ZP is compatible with many smart home platforms, so it can easily integrate with other compatible devices on your network like Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. No need to use a traditional key when you have this smart lock that connects with other compatible devices for hands-free.


OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock, OrangeIOT Electronic Keypad Door Lock,

OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock, OrangeIOT Electronic Keypad Door Lock

The OrangeIOT Electronic Deadbolt Lock is the latest in electronic locks from Orange. Designed to provide you with ease of use and customization, this electronic lock allows you to control your door with a key or via your phone or tablet.

Keep your home safe, secure, and protected with this electronic keypad lock that allows you to unlock the door using a simple coded entry. The lock works off of a wireless signal that is activated by pressing a button on your phone or another device.

This electronic keypad lock provides easy key-free access to your home when you’re out and about or when your arms are full with groceries. This clip-free lock can also be paired with a mechanical key if you prefer that over an electronic signal to ensure the highest level of security for your home. You are looking for the 10 best window locks in 2023.

Ring smart lock


Schlage BE365 V CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Keyless Entry Lock

Schlage BE365 V CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Keyless Entry Lock

The Schlage BE365 keyless entry deadbolt is a convenient and convenient way to secure your home. The Schlage BE365 provides a high level of security without the need for traditional keys.

This electronic keypad deadbolt features an electronic lock that is easy and convenient to use. For added security, this deadbolt also includes a built-in override feature. Don’t have to worry about lost keys or forgetting the code anymore. This is our best-selling Schlage keyless door lock! This electronic deadbolt is the perfect addition to any home. It’s the ideal way to transform your home from a liability to a safe one.

The sleek and modern design offers strength and security with a keyless electronic lock. Easy to install with an easy mounting system, it’s the ideal way to keep unwanted intruders out of your home. This lock is rated for up to 15,000 cycles, providing long-lasting performance for years. The installation kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, making the whole process simple and quick.


ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge WiFi Adaptor, 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge WiFi Adaptor, 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock

The U-Bolt Pro provides an easy way to wirelessly communicate with your Ultraloq Smart Lock at a distance of up to 50 feet. The Bridge, included with the U-Bolt Pro, allows you to send and receive keys or codes remotely to other compatible locks using your smartphone.

The Bridge also acts as a timer, allowing you to schedule when your lock will be opened and closed. The 6-in-1 Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge WiFi Adaptor gives you enhanced flexibility, convenience, and security. Control your lock from a smartphone or tablet app with the included WiFi Bridge for up to 100 ft of range.

The app can be used with any Smartphone running iOS 8 or higher. The included Log lets you see who is accessing your lock remotely at any time, even when you’re not home. Here are some best door sensors in 2023.

Best keyless door locks


NGTeco Door Locks with keypads, Built-in WiFi Keyless Entry Smart Locks

NGTeco Door Locks with keypads, Built-in WiFi Keyless Entry Smart Locks 

The NGT smart locks provide a simple locking and unlocking solution for your home. No keys or codes are needed to use the NGT smart locks, it is as easy as walking up to your front door and pressing the unlock button.

All you need is a smartphone for both the lock and keypad. Just download the NGTeco app on your smartphone, turn on the lock and enter your password. The NGTeco app will then display your front door’s unique identifier number. This unique number allows you to open and lock your door remotely from anywhere in the world. The NGTeco smart locks are wireless meaning you do not need a hard-wired connection to your home.

Using this function, you can open and lock the door by entering a four-digit code. To unlock, simply enter your four-digit code In-home use of Smart Digital Keyless Entry Keypad Door Lock. Also compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. Built-in WiFi keeps your home safe and secure with anti-peep passcode, cards, and mechanical key options, providing complete home automation.


eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock

The eufy Security Smart Lock is the smartest way to unlock your door. Using your fingerprint, you can unlock your door in just 0.3 seconds, and keep your keys in the safe zone. It is easier to unlock than your car—you can just touch your finger to the sensor, then open the door.

And with an Apple Watch app, you can lock and unlock your door with a glance. And with its one-second unlocking speed, you will never miss that important meeting time again! Smart Locks are a great way to keep your home secure, especially if you have kids or pets. The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is an affordable way to protect your home without breaking the bank.

The fingerprint recognition feature is super fast and easy to use. Just use your finger to unlock the door within seconds of pressing the button on the lock. This way, you don’t need to fumble with a key or keyhole when you get home each day. With this amazing smart lock, you can lock and unlock your door over a dozen times with just one touch, so it’s going to be very easy to remember the combination.


Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock w/WiFi Gateway, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Auto-Lock

Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock w/WiFi Gateway, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Auto-Lock

Keep you and your family safe while you are away. The Aegis keyless entry lock is easy to install and simple to operate even for a handyman. The auto-lock feature allows you to safely lock your door when leaving the house or when unattended.

This smart lock features a 5-digit PIN code and a keypad, ensuring that your family is protected at all times. With Aegis, you can set up keyless entry and control through the app, make payments on it with PayPal, and access it remotely via a Wi-Fi network. Aegis can store up to 20 users, including aliases of each user. Each time someone enters or leaves the home, the system will automatically send an alert notification to a smartphone or tablet.

This smart door lock has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to control it from anywhere with an Internet connection. The USP of this product is Auto-Unlock & Auto-lock feature. You can let Aegis footstep your door, and it will automatically unlock for you as you exit the door. It will automatically lock when you return and then unlock again when you enter the room, ensuring that your house is always safe and secure.


How hackable are smart locks?

Smart locking systems have made it easier for people to move around their homes, but it’s important to understand the hackability of these products. Smart locks can be hacked, but there are different types of hacking. Some aren’t that bad and some are very bad.

Are WIFI smart locks safe?

WIFI smart locks are safe to use. They can be a bit expensive, but they can also be a bit more complicated to install, but the advantage that they offer is that they can be used on computers, smartphones, and other devices. They also offer protection for your personal information.

Is Hornbill a good lock?

Hornbill is a good lock. It’s a good lock because it’s cheap and it will get you into a lot of trouble. When you’re worried about getting caught, always choose a cheap lock; you can always sell it later on. You’re never going to get caught with a high-priced lock; it’s just not going to happen. If you have a high-priced lock, you’re going to have to spend time and effort trying to get inside the building. You’ll have to be on guard

Which door lock is best?

The right door lock can make a huge difference in the safety of your home. A really good door lock will last and will keep your doors closed, but there are also other different types of locks that you can use. Some are cheap, but they’re not very good, and some are really expensive, but they’re very safe. When you’re choosing the right lock for your home, you need to decide what you want from it and what you’re willing to pay for it.

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